Donald Nxumal

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A creative mastermind, an exceptional visionary and astute business man, Donald Nxumalo is (Donald Nxumalo Interiors)

The art of interior design resides in a cluttered space, with many inspiring designers vying for the top spot. Having built up his credibility and influence as one of South Africa’s top designers, Donald Nxumalo brings to the table his authentic African voice meshed with creative ingenuity and astute business skills. Donald’s journey to the top began with modesty. Attending an inner city junior school, which was previously home to a hospital during the Anglo-

Boer war, Donald often marvelled at the historical building’s unique tiles, pressed ceilings and doors. It was here that he realised that artefacts from the past held beautiful stories which could be retold and reconfigured into creative expression. He often refers fondly to this time as his creative awakening, a time when he realised design was in his blood and part of his being. Donald also frequented the antiques fair at Melrose House in central Pretoria, a favourite hunting ground for a creative youth look for inspiration. Donald began his first company, Donald Nxumalo Interiors in {2011} and has never looked back, wowing clients and the industry all over Africa.

Donald has won countless awards and achieved considerable recognition for his talent. From the award as best fourth year design student at TUT, to first prize in the Win a Home television design competition, and with recognition from the Mail and Guardian, Elle Decor, Destiny Man and House and Leisure, Donald is recognised as a formidable and dependable design talent who remains grounded and driven. “When your cause is strong enough, people will show up.”

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